Our Products

NEW DELTA PLASTIC CORP. always focuses on bringing customer the best products with a very high quality and reliability. We provide our products for both B2B and B2C customers.

B2B are mostly petroleum companies (such as ExxonMobil Egypt S.A.E., Libya Oil, Petromin, Tamoil and others).

B2C are many companies, they also include petrochemicals, but on a smaller size. All of these products are manufactured according to their needs and they are custom made using high imported raw materials and grades.

The three main aspects which we put in consideration while doing business with our customers are:


Delivering orders on time since they sent their weekly plan until the day the products get downloaded from the truck.


Selling products according to their needs, customization and offering the best price.


We don’t just manufacture plastic containers, but we consider all used raw materials to get a high quality containers (jerry cans, pails, etc. )

Our main products are

0.25 Liters – 5 Liters containers :

Contents include: automotive brake oil, lubricants, water coolant additives, and other various oils.

5 Liters – 20 Liters containers

Contents include: automotive lubricants and oil. There are also many customized products according to the customer needs.

20 Liters – 35 Liters containers

Plastic pails. Inland and export use. For chemical use (approved by UN).

Bottles and Jars

Customized according the client preferences (color, size, weight, delivery, etc.).


60 - 220 Liters Plastic drums

Plastic drums and pails for chemical and hazardous use. Used mainly for inland and export uses.

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Master batch

Carefully produced and designed to meet the customer needs. Main features of New Delta’s master batch are anti-slip, UV treated, anti-slip, and many other features.

Caps and Lids

A very wide variety of caps with different colors, uses, sizes, weight, etc.


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